Bueno Denon ha decidido sacar la serie 2018. Empieza con la Slim NR1509 y NR1609, la potencia sigue siendo la misma.

Info extraída de AVSFORUMS

What's new or to be added via firmware update for the 2018 models?

- Able to display menu on 4k video (except Dolby Vision)
- RESET - Menu setting that restores all settings to factory default (in addition to usual 2 button + power on reset)
- PHONO input (also added as audio input available with <Video Select> feature)
- Airplay 2
- Panel Lock (either all front panel buttons or all but volume)
- Remote Lock
- Web Control (reintroduced after being previously dropped on all "HEOS" module series)
- <Dialog Level> setting more appropriately relabeled as <Center Level> as it simply adjusts the volume level of the center speaker
- <Center Level> (formerly Dialog Level Adjust) and <Subwoofer Level> (formerly Subwoofer Level Adjust) no longer have ON/OFF setting, but rather simply mirror the Center/Subwoofer Manual Setup - Levels - Test Tones settings such that they can be adjusted on the fly now correctly as opposed to being in addition to the Manual Setup settings on previous year's models
- Surround Parameter - Panorama (S640H only) - expands front sound field towards the back when using Dolby PLII (Music)
- Detachable WiFi/Bluetooth antennas (new for NR1509/NR1609)
- “ihiji Invision” and Domotz Pro remote system management technology ("SR" series)
- eARC (SR6013/SR7013/SR8013 - installed at the factory)

What was dropped from the 2017 models?
- Circle indicator on front panel display when "HEOS Music" source is playing
- Smart Select initial volume no longer defaults to an initial value (ie. previously 40 but now must be set by the user)


Note: Although all models feature two subwoofer pre-outs, only the SR6013/SR7013/SR8013 have independent subwoofer volume control of each subwoofer.

Y los precios y manuales

Marantz model web page info and Owner manual links

- NR1509 - MSRP $549, 5.2 CH, 50W, HDMI In/Out (6.1) - avail May
This is a slim line model that features Audyssey MultEQ (6 mic positions), networking, DSD via USB/network source, speaker posts, 32 bit DAC, and an on board Denon HEOS module (allows streaming of HEOS app music services to the AVR as well as streaming PCM 2.0 source from the AVR to HEOS wireless speakers set up around the home). Firmware updates are installed via a network connection or USB. There are FL/FR main zone pre-outs but no Zone 2 pre-outs. PHONO input included.



- NR1609 - MSRP $749, 7.2 CH, 50W, HDMI In/Out (6.1) - avail May
Upgrading from the NR1509 adds two more audio channels for a 7CH model, Atmos/DTS:X 5.2.2, DTS:X. It features 5.1 + Zone 2 capability using the Surround Back speaker posts for Zone 2. There are no Zone 2 pre-outs. DTS Virtual:X (simulates height audio when using a 5.1 or 7.1 configuration but Audyssey is disabled).