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Tema: Nuevo Dune HD RealBox4K

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    aprendiz Avatar de KmL63
    01 oct, 08
    102 veces

    Predeterminado Nuevo Dune HD RealBox4K

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    Pues esto veo que dia 15 de mayo ya esta a la venta este media box mas info aqui

    World's first 4Kp60 HDR Media Player and Android Smart TV box on Realtek RTD1395.

    High-End video quality, YouTube 4K HDR, BD 4K menu, BD3D, HD audio, 1Gbit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11ac 2T2R. The most compact and affordable Realtek-based media player.

    Key Features
    Key advantages over competitors

    RTD1395 media processor.

    Dune HD RealBox 4K is the world's first retail media player on the new RTD1395 media processor – a next-generation media processor from Realtek.

    VP9 profile 2 and YouTube 4K HDR support.

    The media player supports not only the old VP9 video codec (which does not support HDR), but also the newest VP9 profile 2, which supports HDR and which is used in YouTube for 4K HDR content. Most other media players do not support it.

    Best-in-class full Blu-ray menu support.

    Realtek-based Dune HD media players have the best-in-class support for playback of Blu-ray disc images in full Blu-ray menu mode, including full support for BD-J, BD4K, BD3D, HD audio, obfuscated playlists and seamless branching. Blu-ray images can be played in any format (BD ISO file and BDMV folder) and from any source - local drive (USB, SATA) or network drive (SMB, NFS).

    100% smooth Blu-ray playback (full support for seamless branching).

    Dune HD media players are the only Realtek-based players with a fully-functional robust Blu-ray playback engine, which implements 100% complete support for “seamless branching”. This ensures smooth playback of the entire movie w/o any audio/video interruptions, contrary to all competitors.

    Flicker-free framerate/resolution switching.

    Dune HD media players implement its own advanced flicker-free approach for automatic framerate and resolution switching, which performs video mode switching before the start of file playback (rather than after). Most other Realtek-based media players perform video mode switching after the start of file playback, which causes unpleasant flickering.

    Professional-grade controls for video output parameters.

    Advanced setup controls allow professional users and installers to fine tune the video output parameters in the best way for a particular setup. In particular, it is possible to configure what chroma subsampling modes should be used for each individual HDMI video mode. The majority of competing media player models do not have such controls.

    Widevine L1 and premium video services.

    Support for Widevine Level 1 DRM (the most advanced DRM level) makes it possible to watch premium online video services with HD and Ultra HD video quality. Media players w/o Widevine Level 1 support can only output Standard Definition video in such services.

    NOTE: Netflix is not currently supported.

    Linux-based Dune HD OS.

    The media player runs a unique hybrid OS which consists of a Linux-based Dune HD OS (to ensure stable operation and smooth media playback) and Android OS (to support Android applications), which run simultaneously.

    Dune HD Android Playback Accelerator technology.

    This unique technology intellectually manages the resources of Android OS to minimize the influence of Android OS on the media playback engine and ensure smooth and high-quality video and audio playback.

    Dune HD ecosystem.

    Based on open Dune HD SDK and APIs, various TV-optimized applications, plugins, extensions, GUI skins, collection management solutions, integrations with home automation systems are available via official Dune Store, 3-party vendors, and from the huge user's community.

    Dune HD UI.

    The famous Dune HD UI, developed and polished during more than 12 years, specially optimized for the use on TV screens and operation via a standard remote control, tuned for the best possible usability, makes it easy and convenient to use the media player.

    Dune HD movies organizer and movies encyclopedia.

    “My Collection” function organizes a user's movies collection into a nice looking catalog. A comprehensive movies encyclopedia provides the information about hundreds of thousands of movies with detailed descriptions, posters, cross-links between movies and persons, trailers, direct links to online video services, etc. Advanced file browser automatically recognizes movies.

    Dune HD mobile app.

    The unique Dune HD mobile app (Dune Control) for iOS and Android mobiles devices provides full access to all functions of Dune HD media player in a very convenient and powerful way. It fully replaces the standard IR remote control, allows browsing and choosing the media content directly on your mobile device (the menu shown on the mobile device mirrors the menu shown on the TV screen), and includes Now Playing section for convenient media playback control.

    Smart home.

    The media player provides the powerful IP Control interface and has a lot of options for integration into Smart Home and Home Automation systems, such as Control4 and Crestron.

    Proven history of software updates during a very long period.

    Dune HD is known for its reputation to listen to user's feedback and provide software updates for many years. For example, for some old models, software updates with additional functions are provided for more than 10 years already. This is possible due to the unique "single code base" approach, which means that firmware for all Dune HD models is based on the same software (continuously developed and improved according to user's feedback).

    World’s most compact Realtek-based media player.

    Dune HD RealBox 4K is the world’s most compact media player based on a modern Realtek media processor. It has a very compact metal casing (just 109x109x21mm).

    Wall mounting.

    The media player can be wall mounted if needed. The casing has wall mounting holes in the bottom.

    Other key features

    HD audio support.

    The media player can output HD audio to the A/V receiver.

    Full 3D support.

    Support for Side-by-side, Top-to-bottom and MVC (BD3D) formats ensures perfect playback of Full HD video in 3D.

    Optical disc drive support (USB).

    You can connect an external USB optical disc drive to play media files and BD/DVD images from optical discs (not encrypted only).

    Dual-band 802.11ac 2T2R Wi-Fi and 1Gbit Ethernet.

    The media player is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi supporting 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz), with 2T2R support (double performance) and two external Wi-Fi antennas, which allows you to play a high-bitrate content through the air. The 1Gbit Ethernet port allows you to get maximum performance with a wired connection.

    Built-in Bluetooth.

    The built-in Bluetooth interface allows you to easily connect various remote controls, wireless keyboards, mice, joysticks, audio speakers, headphones, headsets and other devices.

    Learning IR remote.

    DUNE HD IR Remote with learning function is included.
    dacari, gymnos y caevi han agradecido esto.

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    experto Avatar de gymnos
    23 dic, 10
    636 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Nuevo Dune HD RealBox4K

    Las especificaciones muy bonitas, como siempre, veremos cómo resulta el software...

    De momento no han incluido Dolby Vision y parece ser que los nuevos modelos de Zidoo sí lo llevarán.
    LG OLED C8 - Firm 5.10.45
    OPPO UDP-203 - Firm 20XEU-65-0131
    DUNE HD SMART D1 - Firm 170519_1353_r11
    YAMAHA RX-V775 - Firm 1.93
    Magnat Supreme 800 / 250 / 100 x4 / 301A

    Sala 7.1 en progreso: AQUÍ

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    principiante Avatar de Nestai
    29 jun, 12
    15 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Nuevo Dune HD RealBox4K

    Hola, ¿alguien me podría confirmar si en las especificaciones del reproductor,donde dice HD audio support quiere decir que es compatible con el audio DTS-HD Master Audio,Dolby True HD y LCPM?.....y de paso ¿qué tal es la gestión de carátulas en los Dune?

    Gracias de antemano y un saludo.

    Esto pone:

    HD audio: output HD audio to your A/V receiver

    Hi-End music: play music files in various Hi-End audio formats: 192/24, FLAC, Monkey's Audio APE, WAV/PCM, Super Audio CD (stereo), etc

    Super Audio CD: play top quality SACD music files in various formats (stereo)

    Audio codecs: MPEG-1/2 layer I/II/III, AAC, LPCM, WMA, WMAPro, FLAC, multichannel FLAC, Vorbis, WavPack, APE (Monkey's Audio), ALAC (Apple lossless), SACD DSD (stereo), AC3, DTS

    Audio file formats: MP3, MPA, M4A, AAC, WAV, WMA, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis, WavPack, APE (Monkey's Audio), ALAC (Apple lossless), SACD ISO (stereo), SACD DSF (stereo), SACD DFF (stereo), AC3, DTS, DTS-WAV

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    18 nov, 10
    13 veces

    Predeterminado Re: Nuevo Dune HD RealBox4K

    Cita Iniciado por Nestai Ver mensaje
    y de paso ¿qué tal es la gestión de carátulas en los Dune?
    No sé como lo gestiona en este sistema basado en híbrido (Android y Dune) pero el que tenían antes no me gustaba nada.
    Muchos lo gestionaban por la aplicación que montara un usuario porque la solucíon propuesta por Dune dejaba mucho que desae. Esa aplicación para Windows (yadis) no se actualiza desde hace años.

    A ver si alguién puede aclarar lo de : "Jukebox applications: use various 3-party Jukebox applications to organize your media collection into a convenient user interface". No he visto nada en la web oficial.

    Por cierto, no Netflix ...
    gymnos y Nestai han agradecido esto.

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