A puzzle game about construction, build structures to save the Elephants from a fall!


*20+ levels in a variety of weird and wonderful locations

*Build structures with limited materials across ravines, rivers, fire pits, swamps and all manor of dangerous terrains to rescue the elephants

*Choose your materials carefully from metal, wood or rope.

*3 Game Modes - Puzzle (limited amount of materials) Time Attack (against the clock) or Multiplayer 'Deconstruction' modes where you have to carefully remove pieces but not cause the structure to fall)

*Real physics, real construction, real fun.

*Includes bonus games + online leaderboards

It's Elefantastic!!!!!!!
Parece ser un titulo para construir estructuras para evitar la caida del elefante, tendra mas de 20 niveles en variadas y bellas localizaciones (rios, barrancos), construir elgiendo materiales (madera, metal), con fisica realista, 3 modos de juego (Puzzle, Time Attack y Multijugador) y creo entender que tambien incluira rankings online